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Strong Legal Representation For Your Business And Commerce Law Needs

Businesses are engaged in many different commercial transactions on a day-to-day basis, from the lease or purchase of facilities to the execution of contracts for goods and services.  Any number of disputes can arise from these transactions, and it is necessary that you have competent, aggressive legal counsel on your side to protect your interests.  Lawsuits are not fun, but sometimes they are unavoidable. Whether you find your company facing unwanted litigation in New Jersey, or your business finds that civil litigation is the only option left to protect its rights, Anthony L. Velasquez, Esquire, is ready to help.  Mr. Velasquez has successfully represented clients in cases involving relatively simple two party disputes, as well as complex cases involving multiple parties with a wide range of divergent interests.  Turn to an attorney with the experience and commercial litigation skills required to ensure your rights are protected.  The law offices of Anthony L. Velasquez, Esquire, can provide your business with aggressive representation in and out of the courtroom.

Commercial law is the body of law that relates to business and commerce.  It regulates the manufacture and sales of consumer goods, as well as all types of corporate matters and contract issues. While each state has its own unique laws, a nation-wide set of rules has been adopted by all states called the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).  Mr. Velasquez has the experience to support your business goals through the negotiation or litigation of commercial disputes, including but not limited to the following 8 areas:

  • Breach of contract claims with customers and vendors/suppliers.
  • Commercial lending and financing disputes
  • UCC disputes
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights through trade secrets, licensing or distribution agreements, covenants not to compete, restrictive covenants, etc.
  • Disputes concerning equipment, leases and real estate
  • Business torts such as fraud, misrepresentation or non-disclosure
  • Insurance disputes
  • Legal challenges to public contract bid awards

Commercial disputes are often the result of non-compliance with the provisions of a contract, including delays in performance, defective products or services, and late or non-payment. It is therefore essential to retain an experienced commercial law attorney who can determine the legal obligations of each party under a contract and whether there has been a breach. Commercial disputes can arise from almost any aspect of a business’ operations and these disputes can seriously interfere with the day-to-day functioning of the business and threaten its very existence. It is imperative that your legal counsel be an effective advisor as well as a litigator.  Contact the Law Offices of Anthony L. Velasquez, Esquire, for your commercial law matters at 201-627-8694

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